Project Info

Project Information

The project consists of approximately 98,000 square feet of new construction, 46,000 square feet of renovation and the demolition of the 1938 middle school building. Specific areas for Agriculture, Auto, Metals, Woods and Performing Arts will be created as well as additional classroom space. Many areas will be renovated and upgraded for functionality and safety including the Science lab, lobby/commons area and gymnasium.

Urgent Needs

  • Must improve our Agriculture and Vocational trade facilities to increase opportunities for our students.
  • Current Science classrooms are inadequately equipped for lab instruction and pose safety risks.
  • Current performing arts facility is inadequate for school programs, functions, and community performances.
  • No single secure facility entrance to meet school safety guidelines.
  • Must address fire code and handicap (ADA) accessibility issues.
  • Mechanical systems are inefficient and increase annual expenditures through ongoing “band-aid” repairs.

Project Benefits

Students will be prepared to contribute to agriculture and technical trades upon graduation

New Ag, auto, metals and woods addition will allow for a safer environment as well as increased student participation

Science labs will be fully functional and meet safety standards

New performing arts space will provide opportunities for our students and our community

Efficient, safe, and secure facilities will make the best use of tax payer dollars

All safety and compliance codes will be addressed