Everything you need to know about the Broken Bow Public School Bond.

What is the amount of the bond issue that will appear on the November 9, 2021 ballot?

The bond amount is not to exceed $29,900,000.

Will the election be a mail in ballot or polling place?

The Custer County Election Commissioner has called for a polling place election to be held on Tuesday, November 9th from 8am to 8pm local time.  The polling site will be held at the Broken Bow Municipal Building.

What is included in the project? How much is new vs renovation?

The project consists of approximately 98,000 square feet of new construction, 46,000 square feet of renovation and the demolition of the 1938 middle school building. Specific areas for Agriculture, Auto, Metals, Woods, Gym, Locker Rooms, Commons area and Performing Arts will be created as well as additional classroom space. Many areas will be renovated and upgraded for functionality and safety including the Science lab, lobby/commons area and gymnasium.

Does the project address safety and security issues with our current buildings?

The project includes a secure entrance to check in all visitors before they can access the building and updates all necessary fire safety and other safety codes including students will no longer be required to walk outside to attend weights and PE classes in the Activities Building.

Are we addressing needs or wants with the project and who decided what the project would be?

Around 40 community members representing different perspectives of our patrons participated in research of our current facilities, urgent needs, and possible long term solutions. Initial options were worked through to balance needs versus wants to try to find a solution that would be supported by the public. The proposed project was identified as the right solution to be presented to district voters.

How will the bond issue impact on taxpayers?

The bond issue will have a net tax levy impact of about 11 cents per $100 of valuation. This is the NET result of the new bond levy of 16 cents minus a 5 cent levy reduction due to current bond pay off.

What if land values drop?

A drop in land value may require a higher levy, but DOES NOT require a higher tax asking as the bond payment is fixed over the life of the bond.

How will this project impact educational programs in a positive way?

This project provides much needed updates to current Science classrooms, remodels additional classrooms including vocal and instrumental music, art, media and special education. A large addition will address and expand offerings in agriculture and tech programs such as metals and woods. The gymnasium, weight room, and performing arts space will be used for classes and instruction as well during the school day.

How much of the project is focused on education versus athletics?

The gymnasium and weight room are approximately 15% of the overall project. While these areas may be viewed by some as for athletics they will be used during the school day as instructional classroom space for health and Physical Education.

How will the construction timeline impact students and learning?

The anticipated completion date of the project is the Fall of 2023. The design and construction team work with school districts all the time and manage their project completion with the least amount of disruption to education as possible.

What happens if we don’t do anything? Is there a Plan B if the bond fails?

Approximately one third of the project, or about $10 million involves addressing code and safety issues as well as failing mechanical systems. If there were no bond issue the board can levy a maximum of 14 cents in the Special Building fund to begin saving up to address these issues. Over time, this save and phase approach would result in paying higher cost for construction due to about 3-5% inflation per year. These projects would extend over time and not all be addressed at once. There would not be significant tax savings to this approach versus the bond.

Why don’t we use the MPCC welding facility?

BBPS only teaches one period of welding per the schedule.  The same teacher teaches six other classes that have a high number of students enrolled. In order to utilize the MPCC campus we would need to make welding 2 periods a day and eliminate another opportunity for additional classes that have a full enrollment now. Having welding classes on MPCC campus would eliminate roughly 15 minutes daily of instruction time due to travel time. We would ultimately lose almost 1 ¼ days of instruction weekly to have class at MPCC. 

Will the public be able to use the facility?

These improvements to the District facilities would also be able to benefit the public. The auditorium would allow for outside public performances that would showcase the district and our community. Other areas such as the gymnasium and weight room could be designated for public use and access during certain times of the day. This project will benefit our students and community greatly.

How does LB2 impact this bond issue?

LB2, which reduces ag land values from 75% of appraised value to 50% for the purposes of voted bond issues goes into effect on January 1, 2022. This bond issue would be grandfathered in under current statute and valuations.  Initial LB2 models indicated that LB2 would result in some savings for ag land owners, some of which could be offset by delaying the construction timeline and interest rate risk.  Under LB2 the bond taxes are reduced on ag land but increase homes, buildings, and personal property. 

What is the comparison of square footages of existing vs. proposed spaces?
Band Room1,7202,996
Vocal Music Room1,2322,205
Total CTE/Shop Spaces7,77213,289
Weight Room1,8323,965
Competition Gym (floor space)7,27914,400
*Existing is Old Middle School Gymnatorium
Where can I get additional information about the project?

The Build Bow Together committee is working to provide information to voters about the needs, project, and financial impact of the bond issue. Members of the group will be scheduling small informational meetings throughout the month of October and hosting two public information meetings prior to election day. There is also a Facebook page that will be pushing out informational posts daily as well as this informational website. District patrons should also contact the school superintendent or any board members with questions you may have.

Facebook: BuildBowTogether
Website: buildbowtogether.com

Community Tour:
Tuesday, October 19th @ 5pm
Public Meetings:
Thursday, October 27th @ 6pm Tour/7pm Meeting @ MS Auditorium
Monday, November 1st @ 5:30pm Tour/7pm Meeting @ Cobblestone Hotel